Gundrill: drilling hole from 0.125" to 2" diameter in a 48" long bar in a single operation or 96" long in two operations.

Injector and STS: drilling holes from 0.500" to 6.250" diameter in lengths of up to 192" long.



 Diameter +0.003" to -0.000" maximum depending on material used.

Deviation (concentricity) on a fixed part: 0.001" per inch drilled.

Counter rotation drilled parts: 0.0004" per inch drilled.



Between 32 to 150 RMS according to the customer’s specified requirements.



We have a wide variety of machinery at our disposal. Here are a few:

Eldorado: drills one piece at a time.

Dehoff: drills two pieces simultaneously.

Dadson: C.N.C. with a 25" x 30" table. Drills multiple precision holes in a single part using a numeric control devise.

Dadson: twin spindle with a counter rotation.

Boehringer B630: drills up to 6.250" diameter in parts of up to 16' long.